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Through the in depth teachings of scripture, Rose Ramandi will take its readers into a powerful understanding of “Mercy” and its relation to the blood of Jesus. His blood, which cries out Mercy for us, brings a conviction of His power into our hearts, and offers us His body to put on and be clothed. So that we never become slaves of fear, but instead, being FREE FROM FEAR, become bound to God’s LOVE; never hiding behind our works, but running to Him in full assurance of heart, knowing that His Mercy is His power shown to the weak and helpless when it is needed.

  • This book gives you tools and understanding, about what you need, to overcome your life’s most challenging struggles.
  • It reveals a deeper understanding about God’s Mercy in your day to day life, so that you can reach your goals and make lasting change to live the best life.
  • The whole purpose of this book is to help to reveal, and give you a missing key to use, to conquer and live a victorious life.
  • By reading this book you should expect to receive many revelations such as the mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the power in His blood.
  • If you’re going through a rough time or battling doubts or unbelief, this is a must-read book for you.

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Unveiled Word: A Simple Guide to Understand the Bible

The Bible is an Spirit-Authored Word that could not be understood unless one would read it in Spirit. The Spirit-language is different than human language. Its Alphabet, from Alpha to Omega is used to picture the Truth which contradicts the lies that have been believed by mankind. The Truth portrays a Person, who is the Christ and in Him man finds his origin, hope and destiny.

This e-Book is an attempt to help the reader with the basics of understanding the Bible. It provides simple tools that can quickly unveil the hidden truth.

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Let us move on to Perfection

The School of Perfection is a FREE school designed to reveal the Mystery of Christ and Union of Man with God.

From Genesis to Revelation we will walk through the path of righteousness, from “Promise to Abraham” to “Inheritance in Christ”. Major understandings such as “Spiritual House”, “Spiritual Priesthood”, “Spiritual Food” and “Eternal Life” will be given through the foundations of “Judgment”, “Righteousness”, “Grace”, “Mercy”, etc.

The focus of the school is to deliver a complete message of the Gospel laying the foundation and the capstone and present everyone perfect to God in Christ Jesus.

The students can expect to be taught and equipped with the truth of the Word of God by a scripture-to-interpret-scripture tool.

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About Us

Rose and Masoud were both born and raised in Muslim families. Despite living accomplished lives filled with success and achievements, their lives felt confused. In desperate need of finding the truth, they began reading the Bible and shortly thereafter encountered the Truth that they were yearning for: Jesus Christ. They whole-heartedly and joyfully bowed their knees to the One who filled their every void with Himself and kindled a passionate hunger to know Him intimately. The Word of Christ became their best Friend and they began building their lives on the Foundation of His Finished Work.

The love for the Word of God drew them to spend hours daily growing in the revelation of Jesus Christ which they now share, impart and teach. They travel around the world, bringing a fresh revelation of “Jesus Christ” to help others know and see Him; not dimly but rather with certain clarity, beholding His face, receiving His love and being transformed to the same image.

Masoud and Rose believe that the meaning of Life is found only in knowing Jesus Christ. They are passionate about revealing “The Mystery of Christ and His Body” and helping others know and experience the reality of Sonship in Christ therefore walking according to Perfection that has come through the blood of Jesus.

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Our Vision

The vision of “Perfected by Blood” is spreading the message of Eternal Life and Love to every corner of the earth.

Knowing the Truth is the only way to Freedom and that comes by hearing the Word that carries the Love and Power that is in Jesus Christ:

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? [Romans 10:14-15]

Your partnership helps “Perfected by Blood” to finance the vision toward its fulfillment. We have seen immediate impacts, not only inspirations or encouragements, but also transformation of lives when people hear this message. It truly creates a deep impact in daily life and communion with God…

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