School of Perfection

The School of Perfection is a FREE school designed to reveal the Mystery of Christ and Union of Man with God.

From Genesis to Revelation we will walk through the path of righteousness, from “Promise to Abraham” to “Inheritance in Christ”. Major understandings such as “Spiritual House”, “Spiritual Priesthood”, “Spiritual Food” and “Eternal Life” will be given through the foundations of “Judgment”, “Righteousness”, “Grace”, “Mercy”, etc.

The focus of the school is to deliver a complete message of the Gospel laying the foundation and the capstone and present everyone perfect to God in Christ Jesus. The students can expect to be taught and equipped with the truth of the Word of God by a scripture-to-interpret-scripture tool.

The videos will be uploaded weekly and will be available in the beginning of each week.

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SCHOOL OF PERFECTION – DAY 11: The Book of Revelation of Jesus Christ is the Book of Victory. Understanding what this book reveals makes the Blessing promised to Abraham to be received. This is a book that uses a symbolic language that can not be understood unless the rest of the scripture is considered for its interpretation. The Revelation of…more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION – Day 6: Many people in the Gospels called Jesus : “Son of David”. They all came saying the same thing: “Have mercy on us”. They must have read a scripture from the old testament that would cause them to know that David’s name was associated with Mercy…more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION – Day 5: When God gave a promise to Abraham, it was just a promise. This promise was only to Abraham’s Seed which is the Christ. In Christ the promise was fulfilled and it became an inheritance. Those who have put on Christ are Abraham’s Seed and joint-heirs with Christ of the Inheritance of the Father….more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION – Day 4: God gave a promise to Abraham and He revealed the promise in portions. However, the fulfillment of the promise was to be in one Seed that is the Christ. Everything in the story of Abraham is symbolic and if we could understand it we could inherit it because now whoever…more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION-Day 3: The Gospel of Christ is the Gospel of Grace and the key to walking in this gospel is the singleness of the eye. The Gospel is not complicated but it can become complicated when reasoning arises in the heart. Human rationale is work based and doesn’t immediately receive the Grace because of pride in heart…more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION-Day 2: In order to receive GRACE it is vital to understand what it is. In Day-1 we saw from the scripture that GRACE is the WORD. In this teaching we will see that Grace is a Spirit. Therefore, Grace is the work of The Word and The Spirit together. Whenever these two are…more

SCHOOL OF PERFECTION-Day 1: This is a fundamental teaching on what Grace is. We discuss the parable of the Rich Man and Unjust Steward to explain the stewardship of Grace that Paul had received from the Lord Jesus Christ to bring a revelation of the Mystery of Christ and Sonship. The word of Grace was given to Paul and…more