by Masoud Ramandi


Looking at the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, we realize that Man is the focus and also crown of God’s creation. God made the Tree of Life within Adam’s reach but Adam failed to eat of its fruit and thus he died. The Tree of Life shows up, once again, in the last chapter of the Bible, in the Book of Revelation, with an invitation from Jesus to mankind to eat of it and live. Everyman after Adam died until the Last Adam, Jesus, who came to reveal the Greatest Mystery of God for mankind: “Eternal Life” through His own Death. Hebrews 2:9 calls this “Grace of God”.

This Mystery was already revealed through the names of the first 10 generations: Adam to Noah. God was already prophesying through their names the Coming of the Blessed God whose death would bring comfort to mankind and thus giving them Life and Immortality.

In this teaching Masoud goes through the Revelation of Life and Immortality that was enlightened by the Lord Jesus Christ and revealed in Paul’s epistles, and makes a connection to the prophetic word that was hidden in the genealogy of Adam Generation.

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