by Rose Ramandi


Grace is a gift given to us because of the Love of God.

Understanding the true definition of Grace, causes us to walk in the power of God and manifest His Glory on earth as it was prophesied by the old testament prophets. They prophesied that there will come a time that the earth would be filled with the Glory of God. In the old testament the Glory often manifested itself as a cloud but according to the book of Hebrews everything in the old was a shadow and a sign to point at the true which would come in Jesus Christ. The manifestation of this Glory is through the sons of God who receive the Grace because of the Love of their Father! In this teaching Rose provides a deeper understanding of what Glory and Grace are and how the Glory can be manifested through the children of God by His Grace!


Does this product have any testimony in it? 

Yes, Rose shares about how she prayed for a girl whose name was Grace and her short leg grew.

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