THE TAMED TONGUE- Audio Download


The Sword that Defeats Death

by Masoud Ramandi


The issue of Life and Death was the very first conversation between God and Man. From the very beginning, God commanded Man not to eat from the tree that would minister to him Death. Not having done so, he was reigned over by Death and that Death came to all men. Jesus came, as the Bread of Life, preaching Eternal Life. He used “words” to heal the sick, rebuke the wind, cast out demons and raise the dead. The Bible speaks of the Word of God as the Sword of the Spirit. Spirit gives Life; therefore, His Word is a Life-Giving reality. The only way the Word can be released is through speaking with our “Tongue”. James 3 says no man can tame the tongue. But God can, through His Spirit! A “tongue” that is under Submission to the Spirit of God will eradicate Death.

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