The Flood Of Mercy!

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The Flood of Mercy, Supernatural Help In Your Greatest Time Of Need!

Have you ever made a mistake and feel like you’re still suffering the consequences of it? Have you been in a situation where no one could help? Have you been struggling and wanting to conquer? Well, I have a good news for you: You are qualified for a Mercy!

Mercy has power to rise above the errors which has happened due to the weakness of humanity. It is designed to resolve, remove and even reverse the errors, so that you will never be the victim of your imperfection ever again.

We all have grown up in a world that lives by the reliance upon one’s own ability, we have learned to suffer from the consequences of our mistakes. For generations, this way of living has brought fear to mankind, leaving those who are chosen to live as kings, feeling as though their destiny is to instead live as a beggar in the dirt upon the ground.

This book will enlighten the hearts of its readers with knowledge and understanding about why and how each of us can truly rely on God’s Mercy whenever we are unable to help ourselves, where His MERCY comes to us like a FLOOD so we can experience His comfort.

Through the teachings of scripture, this book will take its readers into a powerful understanding of Mercy and its relation to the blood of Jesus. His blood, which cries out Mercy for us, brings a conviction of His power into our hearts and offers us His body to put on and be clothed. He does this for us so that we never become slaves of fear but, instead, become bound to His Love; never hiding behind our works, but running to Him in full assurance of heart, knowing that His Mercy is His power shown to the weak and helpless when it is needed.

  • This book gives you tools and understanding, about what you need, to overcome your life’s most challenging struggles.
  • It reveals a deeper understanding about God’s Mercy in your day to day life, so that you can reach your goals and make lasting change to live the best life.
  • The whole purpose of this book is to help to reveal, and give you a missing key to use, to conquer and live a victorious life.
  • By reading this book you should expect to receive many revelations such as the mystery of death and resurrection of Jesus as well as the power in His blood.
  •  If you’re going through a rough time or battling doubts or unbelief, this is a must-read book for you.

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When no one and nothing is able to help, Mercy can!

This is a must read for every Christian. Too often Christians forget that God’s mercy is available for us continually throughout our lives. This book reminds us that God wants to show Himself merciful to those who seek Him, and that mercy is so much more than a pardon for sins. Stop trying to fulfill God’s supernatural plan for your life through natural means. Read this book to show you how. This book is pure food for the mature believer, or for those who desire a mature relationship with the Father. Thank you Rose Ramandi for sharing your precious revelations with the world. – Brianna

This is a must read for anyone and everyone. It has wisdom for those who don’t know about God’s mercy and fresh revelation for any Believer! This book will challenge you to go deeper and to grow bigger! A definite must on anyone’s list! -IMRDY

What a fantastic book. Its easy to read, and sheds light on the true meaning of Mercy! Highly recommended to anyone who needs a burden lifted off of their back.

From the book “Mercy causes all things to become possible, Mercy has life within itself” – Terrance

Rose uses a unique approach to this subject that cannot be found anywhere else. Took my time reading this book and can say that it is definitely worth a read and is a great addition to any small group studies if you are deciding on a book to read together. Would 100% recommend! -Regular Joe

This book is absolutely amazing! When I start reading it I don’t want to stop. I honestly could read it 100+ times and NOT get bored of it…ever! It is written in such biblical truth that is backed up 100% by scripture. It brings so much joy and peace as I read it because it is using God’s Spirit and His words from the Bible that minister as I read it. I have found myself stopping at certain passages of the book and just keep reading them over and over again because it brings me so much happiness, where it is literally putting a smile on my face as I am reading. This book has truly helped me get an even deeper revelation of how great God’s Love and Mercy is. It also has reinforced the fact that He has always been for me and rooting for me to walk in victory and continually be an overcomer through Him. Rose has certainly heard the voice of God and has effectively been able to express it with such power and love through this awesome book. Anyone who reads this book is guaranteed to be touched by God and His everlasting love and mercy! Thank you Rose in your obedience to hearing God’s voice and taking the time to write this book to minister to everyone who picks it up! – Tyler