The vision of “Perfected by Blood” is spreading the message of Eternal Life and Love to every corner of the earth.

Knowing the Truth is the only way to Freedom and that comes by hearing the Word that carries the Love and Power that is in Jesus Christ:

How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent? [Romans 10:14-15]

Your partnership helps “Perfected by Blood” to finance the vision toward its fulfillment. We have seen immediate impacts, not only inspirations or encouragements, but also transformation of lives when people hear this message. It truly creates a deep impact in daily life and communion with God.


Your involvement helps to prepare teaching materials that would enable people all around the world to have access to the YouTube uploads, podcasts, books, e-books, digital download, etc. We would love to be able to continue offering free materials to impacts countless lives around the world.


 It will also help us to hold 3-5 days training seminars, touching lives in person and have them activated in the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to understand the Mystery of Christ and the Word of Life. The seminars will be empowering believers of Jesus to find keys that would help them grow in their relationship with God.


We are in the process of designing of a brand new Online School that would allow people all over the world to have access to the teachings at any time during the day. We have received testimonies from other parts of the world showing the impacts of these teachings on their lives, experiencing true freedom and being loved by the Father. 


Iran is experiencing a spiritual awakening with many dreams, visions and visitations from the Lord which has caused an exponentially growing need for teaching and discipleship. Rose and Masoud are eager to reach out to Iranians around the world and specially those who are in Iran, through satellite TV. They have a vision to start daily teaching programs in the current established Christian TV networks with a vision of establishing their own in future.


It is truly a joy to watch people’s amazement in the hearing of this Good News. People are being inspired, encouraged and built up to live out who they truly are inside!

We just want to say we appreciate your love toward the message of the Gospel of Christ in any form, either by praying or giving toward the vision. Thank you for your involvement!

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Last night we watched the revelation of the “crucifixion of Jesus Christ”. There are no words to express what it did to us . We will listen to it more tonight as it is so rich and deep that it needs to be studied over and over till it penetrates in our being. Amazing how God choose people from Muslim background to get revelation and teach not only Muslims but also long time supposedly Christians that never heard of such teaching and got sidetrack from wrong teaching and traditions. Thank you so so so much….   Jackie from Brazil


Hello Dear Masoud and Rose, I was watching your teaching about “salvation of soul, from limited-life to endless-life” and it is amazing, I watched it so many times and each time I learned something new. Thank you dear Masoud and Rose and may God give you more wisdom and revelations and use you more for His Kingdom…. Evilen Jacob from California


I heard about 5 minutes of one of your YouTube Videos and EVERYTHING made sense. When you said that the bible was written by the Spirit so you have to hear the Spirit, I had to stop the video. I broke down because I had been missing most of the thousands of words in my head. Everything makes sense… Thank you guys… G from California