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Do you have a dream of how your life in God should look like but no idea how to turn that into a reality? From whom should you take advice other than the Bible?

We are here to help you understand the Word, dive deeper in truth and live in your true identity in Christ like never before!

Meet Masoud & Rose Ramandi

Hi, I’m Masoud Ramandi,

I teach, train, and coach Christians to know and experience the life-transforming power of the Word of God.

I'm graduated as a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. But one day I felt the urge that there must be something greater in life than what I already know. When I encountered Jesus as a Muslim, my life turned upside down. I had no other passion except to know Jesus and make Him Known. I left my professional career behind believing for something greater: The manifestation of the Sons of God on earth

 My heart burns to portray Christ in such clear way that you finally see who you really are. I’ve made it my life-mission to help you see and grow in all things. To teach, motivate, inspire and aspire you to walk through everything that tries to stop you from being who God believes about you.

Hi I'm Rose Ramandi

I teach, train and coach you to come into a closer love-relationship with Jesus Christ and live a healthier, more fulfilling and purposeful life

I encountered His undeniable-love for the first time when I was 19, on my way to commit suicide. This Love was radiating from His entire being when He stepped to my room. I was physically, mentally and emotionally healed by this love. I made it my life mission to know this God of Love!

Now, I can say that the focus of the Gospel is almost overlooked by the Church. The gospel that is preached by many has been watered down to ‘escaping the hell’. Yet, I found something more profound in the pages of the Bible. I found a truth in the work of the Cross that causes you to receive such pure Love that will hold you to Him for life everlasting. My heart burns to reveal Jesus Christ as who He really is and not who we think He is.

on a mission to make jesus known

We know that when He is revealed, we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. [1 John 3:2]".... Join us for a life-changing Journey of discovering Him as who He really is....

flood  your life with god's mercy

Learn how you can receive God's Mercy in your day to day life and live free from fear of making wrong decisions and receive God's supernatural help whenever you need it. The Flood of Mercy will take you through the scriptures and the stories of the Bible to reveal this powerful attribute of God. You will learn how the Mercy of God can come to you in the midst of the storms of life to anchor your soul in hope and empower you to flood any storms with God's Mercy.

Rose Ramandi

Author, Speaker, Teacher

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