Start Hearing God's voice Clearly and more confidently... Whenever YOU want!

Learn step-by-step hearing techniques and start hearing God’s voice accurately today! Never again wait for god to speak, learn to initiate the conversation with Him wherever you are!

It is impossible that you don't hear the voice of god!

Hearing God's voice should not be complicated and hard! It should be as natural as you hear people's voice. The intensified Hearing helps you to skip years of trying to hear God's voice and instead puts you in a position to hear Him immediately. 

Hear Clearly

Hear God's voice Clearly whenever you want and where you need

Discern Confidently

Discern the voice of God among all the other voices with confidence


Continue to grow in Hearing God's voice and never get bored

Learn to hear different

Forms of God's Voice

God's voice can be heard in different forms and in different ways! The Intensified Hearing helps you to experience and hear God's voice through some of the major and power ways. Your 5-senses are given to you as the source of your connection to God to experience Him daily.


God's Voice can be Seen in many different forms. Learn to start seeing God's Voice in Spirit. 


God's Voice can be Heard in many different forms. Learn to start hearing God's Voice in Spirit.


God's Voice can be Felt in many different forms. Learn to start feeling God's Voice in Spirit.


God's Voice can be Tasted in many different forms. Learn to start tasting God's Voice in Spirit.


God's Voice can be Smelled in many different forms. Learn to start smelling God's Voice in Spirit.

You were made to hear god's voice

All of us have heard God's voice many times before but we didn't recognize it! We are all made to hear His voice not only by our earnings but also with every single cells in our being!

In the intensified Hearing you will learn to discern the voice of God and know His Voice deeper and more accurately. Through practical techniques and walk through you'll learn to develop and grow in experiencing in Spirit of God in every aspect! The intensified Hearing increases your confidence in hearing God's voice whenever you want! With walk-through practices and exercises, you'll learn step by step how to hear God and receive the wisdom you need in any situation.

Grow On Your Own Pace

Watch, listen, read, study and learn in your own pace. You will have access to all the teachings immediately. Practice and grow at your own time and whenever you are ready. This interactive training course is available on our Online Platform (website) and Mobile App to make the teachings available for you wherever you are.

Downloadable Audio Files

All audio files are downloadable so you can listen anytime, anywhere, even if you do not have internet connection. You always have the option to watch online or download when you are offline.

Walk-through and Exercises

This course is filled with walk-through and exercises to help you put into practice hearing God's voice. The walk-throughs are simplified and easy to follow. You'll be amazed how immediately and accurately you'll start hearing God's voice.

Join PBB Online Community

When you sign up, you will have immediate access to PBB Online Community. With forum discussions and live trainings, this community is your solution to stay focused on God's word, step into a deeper level of fellowship with the Holy Spirit & also a life long transformational journey. 

Wow, it was really fun to do! And that's quite amazing because I have been seeing nothing in times of prayer with a group of people where everybody saw something except me:) 

I cannot describe how I am edified and encouraged and thankful and happy !!

Thank you so so much!



Transform Your Life with Hearing God's Voice

The intensified hearing, not only, teaches you how to hear God's voice but also gives you wisdom and understanding you need to grow in your relationship with God, encounter His love every day and walk with Him in every moment. You'll start having a life that is filled with excitement, joy and purpose! Once you start hearing His voice you'll live in a higher level of His consciousness 

nature of Go's voice

Learn the Nature of God's voice and you don't have to guess ever again if it was God or not!

language of the Spirit

Learn the Symbolic Language of the Spirit and start understanding you visions clearer!

purpose of God's voice

Learn the Purpose of God's voice behind every vision and stay on track for correct interpretation!

Do you Also like to give people a message from God? Then this is the course for you!

Learn to hear for other people

People are waiting for you to give them a personal message from God! They are yearning to hear from God and experience His reality!

Why don't you become part of what God's doing in other's life by giving them a specific message or a word of knowledge?

The intensified hearing is designed to teach you to hear for others with specific details. You'll hear many story from your instructor and other student on how passing a specific message to people caused them encounter Jesus,  transform their believe, get humbled before the Lord and have hope. 

Ask, share and connect within the community

We are by your side as you grow in hearing God's voice. You can connect inside the program with the instructor directly or even with other students; Get your questions answered and or even get inspired by others to push the lines further and go deeper in hearing God's voice. You'll have unlimited support, guidance or even clarification when you hear God's voice. We love to hear from you!

About Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Rose Ramandi

When, as a Muslim, I had an encountered with Jesus, I realized this Christian life is all about Love relationship with our wonderful God and Father. But how can you have a deep relationship with someone if you don't hear their voice?

So, I started practicing to hear His Voice. I noticed the fastest way to know God's voice and grow more clearly, was to give a very personal message to the people I did not know. It was challenging in the beginning but gradually it became so natural and easy! 

In the past 8 years, I learned many things and developed techniques that can help you to start hearing His voice immediately.  

I would love to invite you to join me in the Intensified Hearing Course and start flying toward your destiny by hearing Him every moment, everywhere!

Start Now and hear God's voice Clearly &!

Here's exactly what you are going to get

  • Intensified hearing Online Course: 5 hours of video teachings [Value $597]
  • Walk-through and exercises [Value $197]
  • Downloadable Audio Files [Value $47]
  • Downloadable Transcripts [Value $97]
  • Unlimited Support & Q/A [Priceless]
  • PBB Students Community & Mobile App [Priceless]

Total Value: $ 841

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In Case you have the similar questions:

I already hear God's voice, am I going to benefit from this course?

Do you only teach techniques?

How about if I don't believe everyone can hear God's voice, it's only a gift to some people?

I have never heard God's voice and never practiced, is this course suitable for beginners?

Is this course taught mostly according to the Bible or personal experiences?

Do you have money back guaranteed?

I still have questions, how do I contact you?