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And experience the gospel in a way you have not experienced before...

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By verse-by-verse teaching of the Book of Revelation, discover the reflection of your true identity in the unveiling of the face and work of Jesus Christ...And reign with Christ on earth as Kings & Priests [Rev 5:10]

Unleash The Power Of The Book Of Revelation In Your Life...Today!

This weekly verse-by-verse study of the Book of Revelation makes it easy for you to understand the Book of Revelation with great clarity and without feeling confused ever again which enables you to fully understand Gods plan for your life...and step into the overcoming power of your true identity as kings and priests...and find the hidden treasures of joy as Jesus is revealed to you in every verse...

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With immediate access to 7 life-giving courses PLUS weekly teaching of the School Of Perfection you will experience constant growth in wisdom, grace and experience the overcomer's life

Discover Christ In You...Grow In His Full Stature & Become A Manifested Son...TODAY!

Don't leave your growth in Christ to hope & randomness...PBB Ultimate Membership is a unique online training platform designed to help you grow in the Knowledge of the Son of God and experience the reality of your identity. Not only you'll be taught the depth of the spiritual truths, but you'll also have guidance, instructions, inspirations and practical exercises.

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Learn step-by-step hearing techniques and start hearing God’s voice accurately today. Never again wait for God to speak, learn to initiate the conversation with Him wherever you are!

Start Hearing God's Voice Clearly And More Confidently... Whenever YOU Want!

This course holds the key to discern the voice of God and know His Voice deeper and more accurately. Through practical techniques and walk throughs, you'll learn to develop and grow in experiencing the Spirit of God in every aspect! The intensified Hearing increases your confidence in hearing God's voice whenever you want! With walk-through practices and exercises, you'll learn step by step how to hear God and receive the wisdom you need in any situation.

Access Bible Study Secrets Bundle 

Use these easy-to-follow revelatory study methods to get fresh & powerful revelations directly from the Spirit of God

Discover Revelatory Bible Study Methods That Most Christians Don't Know About & Take Your Relationship With God's Word To The Next Level...

How would you like to let us take you by the hand and show you how you can dig deep in studying the Bible and understand what it really means and receive fresh revelations everyday? This bundle is your key to easily unlock the most challenging verses, bypass any wrong or mistranslations and understand the clear message of every verse without being confused.

Access Biblical Meditation Bundle 

Learn to meditate on God's Word...stay focused on Scriptures throughout the day...and strengthen your communion with Jesus

Discover! The Lost Truth Of Biblical Meditation...And Experience The Power Of God's Word...Daily!

This bundle includes an online course and an ebook that unveil the mystery of biblical meditation. We’ll teach you how to meditate in spirit, properly, which will cause the inner Life of Christ flow and water your Soul. It makes it simple to meditate on God's word daily even in the midst of a busy lifestyle so you can grow in your intimate relationship with God and prosper in the seed you plant in your heart.

Access rise of the conquerors Conference 

Understand The Book Of Revelation, Rise In Your Identity As Kings & Priests And Reign With Christ For A 1000 Years...Now!

Unfolding The Book Of The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

Come explore the amazing world of the Book of Revelation with us over the course of a 7-session conference. The Throne, the Scroll, the Babylon, the Beasts, the burning Lake of Fire, the glorious New Jerusalem, and more will be covered in these sessions. But, this conference is all about presenting the magnificent truth of Jesus Christ, not some boring end-time message!

Access Overcomers Conference 

This Is A "Road To Emmaus" Encounter: Have A “Burning-Heart” Experience As Jesus Opens Your Eyes To See!

Discover Christ in a life-transforming way and Step Into The Overcoming Power Of The Christ Within!

In these powerful 6 sessions of the Overcomers Conference (Plus a Zoom Call Session), we go through the understanding of who Christ really is inside of us! We looked into the missing "Key" of Overcoming and how Jesus as a mother gives birth to Sons of God who must inherit the throne of their Fathers.  We also dived deeper in the story of Daniel and learned how the throne works in our lives and how we can operate with the Word of the Cross to be able to overcome all things. 

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