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Perfected By Blood Podcast by Masoud and Rose Ramandi is designed to inspire and teach Christians to live in the Perfection of God in Christ. Be Perfected by the Blood of Jesus which cleanses your conscience from sin, evil and dead works to live in the living God!



The Perfected By Blood Podcast is purposed to give motivation and teach Christians to live in the Perfection of God in Christ. Stay Focused and Move on to Perfection with these in-depth teachings. The podcasts can be found in the following platforms or wherever else you can find a podcast. Make sure you subscribe so we can be part of a life transformation you are seeking for.

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unsolved mystery

A Daily Podcast with Rose Ramandi

Let's discover the hidden treasures of love, wisdom, and knowledge of Christ in the field of our hearts and learn how to sell everything we gained from Adam so we can inherit Christ! In "Unsolved Mysteries" Podcast, I will be sharing my fresh daily revelations of the Word to help you stay refreshed, focused and engaged with God and His Word daily.

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